We believe in the value of people

Who is Authentic Purpose?

Authentic Purpose are experts in behavioural change and organisational performance.

We develop people using innovative solutions to uncover your purpose,
mission, value and goals to establish a new culture for business.

We are deliberately redefining the role of leadership in business to drive a more conscious form of commerce that recognizes the needs of customers and clients, as well as the needs of the global working community.

We focus on those individuals and organizations who have a genuine desire to improve the world for the betterment of everyone not just themselves.

Connecting people to purpose, increases productivity, improves performance and creates a sense of belonging to inspire strategic and cultural change.

Our specialism is to create purpose-driven business cultures founded on social responsibility and inclusion. 

We provide Consultancy, Leadership and Team Coaching, Programmes and Courses in partnership with CSR-A and CPD accredited learning qualifications.

Why Us?

We are a passionately driven team of individuals who were drawn together through the belief that business and industry can lead the way towards creating a more sustainable future for all human kind.

Our combined collective knowledge and expertise enables us to work with a diversity of leaders and organisations to deliver sustainable behavioural and cultural change.

We believe that social change can only happen with a focus on creating a culture that inspires and galvanises leaders and grass roots to work together. 

Our passion and authentic purpose is to help you achieve this.

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  • What is a culture of excellence?
  • How does culture affect business?
  • What drives cultural transformation?
  • The values and behaviours of individuals shape cultural transformation, rather than leadership


  • On-line & on-site transformational courses.
  • Scalable programmes which drive
    positive behavioural change.
  • Sustainability leadership skills
  • Personal & professional development
  • Our partnership with CPD and CSR-A


  • Executive Leadership, Management
    & Team Coaching for positive impact
  • Bespoke solutions in behavioural change
  • Social Responsibility & ESG Consultants
  • Implementing organisational cultures
  • Increasing agility & employee retention

We work in partnership with CSR-Accreditation UK  through our shared vision
to accelerate positive social change.

CSR-A is a membership organisation which runs the only Social Responsibility Accreditation
scheme in the UK and now operates globally. 

We partner with them to establish the culture and mindset to enable sustainable change.

For organisations to realise the operational and reputational benefits of effective policy,
social responsibility must be integrated into business strategy and culture.

The challenge is to gain clarity of issues, alignment of purpose and an increased profile for
social responsibility within a company agenda. Our expertise is in connecting all stakeholders from leaders to
grassroots to work together to maximise positive social impact.

The integrated partnership between CSR-A and Authentic Purpose, maximises social responsibility
within company strategy and policies by embedding a culture of excellence.


“Good Social Responsibility policies drive corporate change for the better.” CSR-A.

What is cultural social responsibility (CSR) ?

Cultural social responsibility (or CSR) is when an organisation is mindful of the social
and environmental impact of its business, while company culture includes an organisation’s values,
work environment, expectations, and goals.

How does culture affect CSR?

Culture is made up of the values, beliefs and behaviours of the organisation’s members and stakeholders.

A responsibility-oriented organisational culture instils a willingness in its people to participate in,
and positively value a company's social responsibility initiatives.

This results in increased engagement, productivity and staff retention as well as creating
a sense of belonging and a culture of wellness.

By working together we can change the world.

What is Authentic Purpose?

Purpose must be authentic to inspire people to care. We connect people and organisations to the heart of their purpose. Developing more improved communication and relationship skills aligns personal and collective aspirations for the betterment of everyone.

Authentic Purpose (AP) provides the knowledge, skills, and support to enable businesses to maximise their positive social and environmental impact on the world.

Our Approach

Authentic Purpose has a holistic approach to activate transformative change to create purpose driven people and organisations. 

We provide the language, tools, and insights to enable businesses to transform into arenas where human growth, fulfilment and prosperity become the key drivers of organisational success.

We develop people and accelerate performance to maximise potential.

What our clients say...


‘...this has opened our eyes to the full breadth and benefits
of a socially responsible agenda and we have taken our heads out of the sand’.

On the consultation project, staff engagement increased to 70% from an initial 30%.
93% of respondents said that the company’s commitment to making a change through social responsibility ‘mattered’ to them.